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e-newsletter services

Keeping in touch with customers is vital in promoting your business and selling your product or services. We can help you set up an effective e-newsletter service to inform your customers about your products and services, to keep your name in their minds.

We can discuss your requirements to provide you with an e-news service that will work for you.

My e-news system includes creating the tailored newsletter, managing the mail list, and it automatically gathers statistics on who's received it and who's responded and of course it includes the necessary unsubscribe option so that people see you're doing a professional job, not just spamming them.

Step 1:
Build the mail list from existing and new contacts, clean up and verify details
Step 2:
Create the enewsletter layout based on current topics of interest, get relevant images
Step 3:
Update web pages with more in-depth related information and images
Step 4:
Test run a sample and get feedback to refine content and layout
Step 5:
Use regularly to complement other marketing activity but don't over use !

Ready to discuss further - call me !!

Seen some good business software or Apps ?

If you've heard about or used some good business software including smartphone / Ipad apps then let me know.

No one knows about everything - it could be worthwhile sharing !

email me at Colin@ithelp4business.co.uk


Newsletter Topics:-

Adverts and marketing literature are increasing making use of the distinctive QR Codes.

Scan the code from a smartphone for direct quick and easy lookup of special offers and further information. Are you ready to use a QR Code yet ?


Create and share your work online

Pro's:- Google Docs and Google Drive is a great way to create, share, and collaborate on the web with documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.
Upload your documents and select who you want to view and amend them. It's secure and very effective and most word and spreadsheet documents work fine.

Cons: Can be complications with embedded macros and Adobe form filling documents especially when accessing from Ipad. Need a Google account.

Becoming widely used and promoted, also in conjunction with related Ipad apps for Cloud document storage.

: Easy to set up and use, as it creates a synchronised Dropbox folder on your PC so it's just a matter of copying / pasting documents into the folder. Dropbox keeps Cloud copies synchronised.
Cons: Read only documents on cloud, so Google Docs wins if you need to edit the shared documents.


These products are relatively new so improvements may take place soon. They are already useful to many people. Keep watching !


What a lot of Spam !

With the increased use of smart phones our emails arrive with us at all times. It can be even more annoying to receive those never ending annoying sales emails, apparently unsolicited offers. You can do something about it -

  1. Look for the Unsubscribe link, often tucked away at the bottom of an email. Use them to opt out of receiving.
    Bad news is that unsubscribing to a malicious spam email can make things worse as it confirms that your email address is active and working ! Be careful.

  2. Get rid of old email addresses. A business network gathers many obsolete email addresses over the years which may have attracted spammers. Don't just forward them, get rid or route them out of the way.

  3. Take care when visiting web sites and giving your email address. Look for the option not to receive further regular information unless you really want to, especially from "associated partners ..."

  4. Remain cautious about opening any unexpected emails, especially with no title, with your name or similar in the title, with no message except a link or attachment. Malicious emails including those from friends whose email address books have been hacked remains the most common cause of disruption on a system.

In a recent personal case the incidence of spam was cut massively by following the above methods. But don't assume it's gone for good !


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